Olga Brovchenko

Open show Color of Earth in Albatros Spaces in Prague

Open show

04.09.2020 18:00 SPACES Albatros Prague

Na Perstyne 342/1
Praha 1 120 00
Spaces Works

Geometry and emotions,
colors and perception –
everything is in our senses.

I am happy that so many people came to the open show “Color of Earth”! The interior of Albatros Spaces perfectly suited my artworks. Art, wine, minimalistic space, nice weather, beautiful view of Prague and pleasant community made the event enjoyable and elegant.

I didn’t expect that my works would be appreciated so hight. Dear guests, thank you! I am graitful for your attention and comments. They inspire me to continue.

I wish to express my gratitude to Nikola Pohanova, an event manager of Albatros Spaces, who helped me to organize this show, and to Roman Larin, a talanted photographer, who took these beautiful pictures:

Here you can enjoy by artworks of the series.