Olga Brovchenko

Art Bio

Olga Brovchenko

Year of birth 1978

Olga Brovchenko was born in Novosibirsk, Russia

Now she lives in Prague, Czech Republic



1995 – 2001 Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Arts, magistr of design and architecture

2020 School Synchronisation (Russia). Online course “Critical thinking”

2021 School Skvot (Ukraine). Online course “Contemporary art”

2021 School Skvot (Ukraine). Online course “PR of personal brand”


2000 – 2010 graphic and website designer, director of online-magazine about architecture and design A3D.ru (does not exist now), teacher of web design in the Academy.

2008 – 2014 owner and manager of e-shop

2011 – now – freelance artist

2014 – now – teacher of drawing, watercolour painting, sketching


2017 – 1st prize at live Art Battle on Free Art Friday in Prague. (Czech Republic)

2020 – artwork Blue get award “editor choice” at Artlimited.net (France)

2020 – series Colors of Earth was chosen for Curatorial Volume 3 catalogue (Australie)

2021 – artwork Green take 2st prize at Mellow Art Award (Japan)

2021 – artwork Gray take Special prize at Mellow Art Award (Japan)

2021 – series Colors of Earth was short listed by LICC (Great Britain)

2021 – finalist of Open Art Fest Competition (Prague, Czech Republic)



2017 Exibition Colors of life, “Galerie A”, Vienna

2020 Online smart group exibition Exibizone Fall-2020

2021 Open Art Fest in Prague

2021 Festival KULTUTUR, project “Neighbours”

2022 Luxembourg Art Fair

2022 Little Tresures (Bologna, Italy)



2020 Open show Colors of Earth, business center Spaces, Prague

2021 Galerie “Solidet”, Prague, Colors of Earth


2021 Open Art Fest catalogue

2021 Curatorial Capsules Book

2021 Articles about project “Neighbours”: “Metro Prague” N233, “Ohrobec News”, N15/3

2022 Calatogue of Little tresures exhibition


Art for me is a way of understanding the world and a way of communication.

Topics that are interesting for me:nature and environment; communication between artwork and viewer: perception of real and abstract art, emotions and personal feelings; effect of art on society.


An idea is more important than material. I enunciate my narratives in art-projects. That is why I am not keeping to a single media or style. I create series trying to fully embrace the topic and choosing the best methods for each of them.


As art is public, demonstration of artworks and perception of them by the viewer are inalienable parts of it. That is why I am sure that art should be understandable by the audience. I try to communicate with the viewer with understandable language.