Olga Brovchenko

Geometry and emotions, 
colors and perception –
everything is in our senses


  • Open show in Spacio Business Center, Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Personal exchibition “Colors of Earth”, Solidet galerie, Prague
  • Little Tresures group exchibition, Gallery de Marchi, Bologna (Italy)
  • Luxembourg Art Fair 2022


  • Artwork “Green” got the Second prize at Mellow Art Award 2021 (Japan)
  • Artwork “Gray”  got the Special prize at Mellow Art Award 2021 (Japan)
  • “Colors of Earth” was short listed at LICC 2021 (United Kingdom)

The artworks of the series

I use painting to explore our world, life and people’s emotions. I am discovering new ways to transfer impressions, emotions and moods to a viewer. Iam working with colour expression and abstract shapes.

Series “Colors of Earth” is a reflection on beauty and predestination of our world, allowing the viewers to see light and calmness inside themselves. Here I am working with shapes and colors. Every landscape has the main color. I am looking for the most suitable subject and painting style for each one. I am searching for balance between reality and abstraction, logic and expression, existence and fiction, giving the viewers an opportunity to see and feel their own reality.

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