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Art project “Neighbours” is a spontaneous project about building where I live and people who live here too.
I have been living in this house for 7 years. During this time people changed, moved from one flat to another, moved in together and got divorced. It looks like a movie in front of my eyes.
The idea of “Neighbours” came into my mind after day by day watching this “movie” during quarantine time when our acrivities were have minimised and communications were limited by the inner circle. There were a few very warm moment that gave me an impulse fo start.
The project includes portraits of my neighbours, scenes of their usual and quarantine specific activities, and sketches of surroundings.

Home exibition

The important part of the project was an exibition in our common garden. The artworks were exhibited on thin rubs and fixed by pegs like real clothers.
Paintings were devided into two parts – people and surroundings. Landscapes sketches were exhibited on the round trampoline from the outside, portraits were situated inside of a round garden-pavilion. Every person who came into it found himself surrounded by neighbours portraits. Guests were my neghbours and their friends. They were very surprised to see themselves on the images. Unexpectedly they turned into characters of a story. They were exited by the moments of their own life!
The goal of this project was to show the value of the community. People looked at themselves from the outside and realised that usual everyday things unite us. Finaly this is great when neighbours can use neighbourhood as a source of warmness, support and love ❤️

The next step

After the home exhibition “Neighbours” were continued by moments of the community life of the village Ohrobec. Fishing, neibourhood of duck commune and fishers, popular game “nohejball”, song and dancing parties in the village bar became subjects of the next part of the project.

The second exhibition

The second exhibition was in autumn of 2021 at the village bar “U trojanku”. The village society was really surprised and exited when they found out themselves at the pictures. The exhibition became a noticable cultural event in the village.

There were published articles in the local and Prague newspapers about the project: “Metro Prague” N233, “Ohrobec News”, N15/3.

Also “Neighbours” was showed at the KULTURUS 2021 festival in Prague.

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