Olga Brovchenko

Featured artworks

Here I present my favorite artworks. They are created in different styles  and using different materials. They demonstrate my creative potencial and skills. 

Colors of Earth

I use painting and drawing to more deeply explore our world, life and people’s emotions. I am discovering new ways to transfer impressions, emotions and moods to a viewer.

Now I am learning to work with colour expression and abstract shapes. My project “Colors of Earth” is a serie of landscapes. Here I simplify nature landscape into a composition of plain forms.

Our step by step journey through life creates perceptions and emotional patterns. Emotions colour our experience and make associations. That’s why when you look at these abstract compositions and envisage real sceneries and feel specific individual emotions. My art enables your mind to create it`s own image when you look at the picture and in this moment you’ll sense a frost, sea breeze or lavender aroma.

Illustrations and sketches

My illustrations are hand painted. I like to use watercolor, pencil  and ink to create live drawings. I digitalize them and work with my drawings in graphic editors programs afterwards. Usually I create them from my sketches. I am not focusing on one theme only. My illustrations are about everything I see in my life. That is why they are so different. 

My illustrations portfolio you can see on Shutterstock.