Olga Brovchenko

Home exibition of the art-project "Neighbours"

The important part of the project was an exibition in our common garden. The artworks were exhibited on thin rubs and fixed by pegs like real clothers.

Paintings were devided into two parts – people and surroundings. Landscapes sketches were exhibited on the round trampoline from the outside, portraits were situated inside of a round garden-pavilion. Every person who came into it found himself surrounded by neighbours portraits. Guests were my neghbours and their friends. They were very surprised to see themselves on the images. Unexpectedly they turned into characters of a story. They were exited by the moments of their own life!
The goal of this project was to show the value of the community. People looked at themselves from the outside and realised that usual everyday things unite us. Finaly this is great when neighbours can use neighbourhood as a source of warmness, support and love ❤️

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