Olga Brovchenko

Art commissions

Painting for me is not only an opportunity for personal expression but also my way to assist you with your interior design needs to create a special feeling.

Bedroom, hall, office, cafe or hotel … interiors in these spaces has its own purpose and require a relevant artwork.

Paintings add dignity and brightness to the whole interior. Not only they perform a decorative function but also reflect your philosophy.

Sometimes you can see an artwork in a gallery, which you think will definitely fit into your interior. However, the search for an ideal painting can take a lot of time and effort and the piece can cost a fortune.

I can help you create your dream painting: choose the size, technique and theme you like. 

Architectural education, advanced sense of space and harmony, possession of lots of painting techniques and vast experience in communicating with customers help me to thoroughly assess your task and create a painting that will ideally fit into your interior and bring you happiness.

I also can create painting on the wall in your interior as well as to create a digital design of a wall decoration that can be printed on sticking foil and applied on the wall.

Art commission portfolio

The working process

What makes up the price?

The value of the picture comprises the value of the materials and my remuneration for the time spent. As a guide, a picture with the size of 100*100 cm (40*40″) will cost $1200-$2500.

If you have any question, please contact me 🙂