Olga Brovchenko

Coming back from vacation - 50x50 cm


Painting size is 20*20″ (50×50 cm)
Nonframed, 3d canvas 1.8″ (4 cm)

I love roads and love travelling by car. When you can roughly designate the destination, not worrying about the timing and route, just enjoying the freedom that the car gives you.
This picture is a memory of an evening we were returning from a trip like that. The moment when a frightening indigo clouds were approaching us and the sky gradually turned gray shroud of rain … In a couple of minutes a deafening clatter of drops will fall on the roof
of the car and the wipers will not not keep up with the streams of water … And ahead are the headlights of the oncoming car. This means that we are not alone on this road, someone has already pierced this rain through. And we can make it, too. Just hold the steering wheel tightly.

2021 – was exhibited at Open Art Fest in Prague Industrial Palace
2021 – was exhibited at the solo exhibition Colors of Earth, gallery Solidet, Prague
2022 – Brussels Art Fair with Gaudi gallery

The artwork is singed by the artist.

Shipping all over the world. I carefully pack the artwork asnd ship via Post Delivery as a Prioritare shipment with insuarance.
Shiipng cost is count the shipping cost individually.

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