Olga Brovchenko

Silence, 100x100 cm


Painting size is 40*40″ (100×100 cm)
Nonframed, 3d canvas 1.8″ (4 cm)

Last year I was fascinated by November, for the first time in my life. Usually my Novembers get lost between memories of the gone October bright colors and anticipation of approaching Christmas. But this time I’ve really seen and tasted it! And I was amazed by the magic in deep shades… and silence.

The plot was created by my imagination but you can recognize the Czech hilly expanses. It was not easy to understand how to convey the elusive matter of the forest, dissolving into the coming winter. Transparency, going inward. Silence. But at the same time some tiny bits of life hiding deep inside…

When the method was found it became clear that the picture will not come into reality easily, in one breath. On the contrary – every small piece of it was verified in colors and composition, so the work has been progressing slowly.

So, The Silence is my big love because it was a challenge for me and I got through with it.

11.2022 Art Prague Fair with KULTURUS gallery

The artwork is singed by the artist.

Shipping all over the world. I carefully pack the artwork asnd ship via Post Delivery as a Prioritare shipment with insuarance.
Shiipng cost is counted individually.

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