Olga Brovchenko

Squall - 50x50 cm


Painting size is 20*20″ (50×50 cm)
Nonframed, 3d canvas 1.8″ (4 cm)

Series “Air” is comprised of paintings the main idea of which is space, open air. Air is a needed substaince for the life and all creatures on our planet breathe the same air. In some sceneries it is clear far horizont, in other artworks the air is heavy and turbid. Anycase you can feel it watching at the artwork.

Squall – is a moment when strong wind through last leaves…

The artwork is singed by the artist.

Shipping all over the world. I carefully pack the artwork asnd ship via Post Delivery as a Prioritare shipment with insuarance.
Shiipng cost is counted individually.

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