Olga Brovchenko

White - 100x100 cm


Painting size is 40*40″ (100×100 cm)
Nonframed, 3d canvas 1.8″ (4 cm)

When I was thinking about white colour the only the thing I could imagine was snow. A half of my life I lived in Siberia. So, White is a reminiscence about my native land. The second name of this painting is “I got out from the forest”. You can imagine the sun and trees behind you, you’ve just emerged from the forest and see white filed of snow with flashes of ice crystals and blue shades of the trees in front of you… While looking at the White you can hear crunch of snow and feel frost, event you’ve never been in Siberia.
Oil painting on canvas.
The artwork don’t need to be framed.


The artwork is singed by the artist.

Shipping all over the world. I carefully pack the artwork asnd ship via Post Delivery as a Prioritare shipment with insuarance.
Shiipng cost is $40. If you order a few artworks I will count the shipping cost individually.



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