Olga Brovchenko

Mellow Art Award

The Mellow Art Award 2020: Second prize

We are delighted to announce ✨Olga Brovchenko✨ as the winner of the Second prize in the Mellow Art Award 2020!
The awarded artwork: Green
Artist: Olga Brovchenko
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International Contemporary Art Fair


19.5. – 22.5.2025


10.11.2021 18:00


Francouzska 24, 120 00 Prague

Little Treasures

an exhibition in small format, at the Galleria De Marchi in Bologna

28.5.2022 – 8.6.2022

De Marchi Gallery

Bologna, Italy

Colors of Earth series

Blue (Mont Blanc) - oil painting 30x30 cm
Blue (Mont Blanc)
Orange (Himalayas) - oil painting - 30x30 cm
Orange (Himalayas)
Indigo, oil painting 50x50 cm
Indigo Dark
Green (Ireland) - oil painting _ 30x30 cm
Green (Ireland)

Rainy trip series

Rainy trip, episode 1 - watercolor 60x40 cm
Rainy trip, episode 1
Rainy trip, episode 2 - watercolor 60x40 cm
Rainy trip, episode 2
Rainy trip, episode 3 - watercolor 60x40 cm
Rainy trip, episode 3
Rainy trip, episode 4 - watercolor 60x40 cm
Rainy trip, episode 4

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Live working process

Art commissions, interior painting

I can help you create your dream painting: choose the size, technique and theme you like.

Architectural education, advanced sense of space and harmony, possession of lots of painting techniques and vast experience in communicating with customers help me to assess your task thoroughly and create a painting that will ideally fit into your interior and bring you happiness.

I also can create painting on the wall in your interior as well as to create a digital design of a wall decoration that can be printed on sticking foil and applied on the wall.

working process of painting

Awards & achievements

London International Creative Competition
London International Creative Competition: Shortlisted
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Mellow Art Award 2020:
Second prize
Editor's choice
Art Battle Award
Art Battle at Free Art Friday
in Prague: First prize